Barcelona Summer Camps

Barcelona Summer Camps



  • For the first two weeks pack you must arrive at Barcelona Airport on June 30 and have a return ticket for July 13.

    For the second one week pack you must arrive at Barcelona Airport on July 14 and have a return ticket for July 20.

    For the last one week pack you must arrive at Barcelona Airport July 21 and have a return ticket for July 27.

  • No, the flight is not included in the price. If your child is traveling alone, you must inform the airline and

  • We shall have two members of staff at the different terminals to guarantee safety and control of the arrivals of all participants. However, you must hire airport assistance with your airline for all children under 13 that are traveling alone (if you hire this service, please contact us to supply the name of the adult who will be collecting the child).

  • Yes, there will be two members of staff waiting to meet and greet each child and escort them to the bus for transfer to the residence. The departure day we will drop them to the airport as far as the security check or meeting point with the hired airport assistance service. The FC Barcelona team bus will be used for all transfers (subject to availability).

  • Parents arriving with their children may travel on the bus as far as the residence but not enter the residence (maximum transport of a child + 3 people). (subject to availability).

  • Yes, you should always tell us. Once you have bought tickets for the outward or return flights, you must provide us with the flight information (arrival time, departure time, flight number and airline) by email to with the subject: FLIGHT INFORMATION + NAME OF PARTICIPANT. If you are taking your children directly to the residence and/or you require a transfer to the residence, you must send an e-mail with the corresponding information.

  • If you have an EU, US or Canadian passport, and the stay is for less than three months, you do not require a visa (your passport must be valid for at least three months following the date when you are scheduled to leave the country).  Countries in the Schengen zone do not require a passport.

    At the following link you will find detailed information about countries that do require a visa:

    If you have any doubts or queries in this respect, please contact your Spanish embassy or consulate for full requirements for entry in the country.

  • No, you do not require vaccines when traveling between Europe, the USA, Canada and Spain. If you have any doubts or queries, please contact your Spanish embassy or consulate.

  • Children do not need money for any of the activities. We recommend that they should be given just enough spending money to cover for a few drinks, souvenirs and similar.

  • We process a basic insurance policy for all participants. This policy does not cover loss of personal belongings.

Training sessions

  • The training sessions are held at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper training ground belonging to Futbol Club Barcelona.

  • We will be using an artificial grass surface.

  • The players are divided by age but over the first few days changes may be made to the teams depending on level and/or the coaches’ needs to ensure that the camp works best

  • There is one coach for every 10-12 children.

  • You do not need to be a high-level player to take part in the camp. This camp is for intercultural exchange, enjoying a Barça experience and developing as a player and person.

  • Yes, there is specific coaching with a specialist trainer for goalkeepers for three quarters of the training session.

  • The FC Barcelona coaches will seek the best individual and group performances and will guarantee that everyone gets to play in different positions.

  • The Ciudad Deportiva has physiotherapists, a team of nurses, a doctor and an ambulance. If a child gets sick while at the residence, he or she will be taken to the nearest hospital.

  • Parents and companions are invited to attend the open doors training sessions every Friday of each progam. Parents may not interfere with the training sessions and no videos can be recorded (although photos may be taken). To attend, parents must register beforehand with the full names of all attending, plus ID and the name of the child sent to the following email address: with the subject: INSCRIPTION OPEN TRAINING + NAME OF PARTICIPANT

Running the Campus

    1. What is the official language of La Masia Summer Camp?

    English and Spanish.

    1. What other activities form part of the camp?

    Every afternoon there are activities like going to the Barça Immersive Tour, visiting the Barça Official Store, excursions, Port Aventura (2 week stage), city sightseeing tour, etc. See calendar of activities.

    1. Are cell phones allowed all the time at camp?

    Cell phones must be left at the residence and are not permitted at the Ciudad Deportiva. They can be used on excursions that allow them and in afternoon free time. Every night we will collect their phones. 

    1. What is the best time to phone my child?

    We recommend that participants take calls between 7pm and 9pm (Barcelona time).

    1. How can we contact the staff?

    You may contact the staff by email at any time. The general information section provides the telephone numbers provides the phone numbers of the camp coordinators and director.

    1. What items are forbidden on camp?

    Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are all forbidden on camp.

    1. What is the procedure for dealing with improper behaviour among participants?

    Players must respect their team-mates, the staff and the camp rules. In the case of serious misbehaviour, we shall have no option but to expel offenders from the camp. Parents or guardians will be informed immediately and will have to purchase a return ticket for the child.

    1. What legal checks are used to control coaches and staff?

    All coaches and staff must present documents showing that they have no criminal records and no background of sexual offences. FC Barcelona is also fully committed to safeguarding the security and welfare of every one of the participants.

    1. Where do I call in case of emergency?

    If there are any emergencies, you may make direct telephone contact with the camp coordinators or director at any time.


    1. Does the residence have surveillance?

    The residence has 24 hour video surveillance and is locked from 9pm with a porter who makes sure that nobody can come in or out.

    1. How are rooms allocated?

    The rooms are twin and have en-suite bathrooms and are distributed by ages. In some special cases, a single room may be added.

    1. Where are the girl participants roomed?

    They have single, double or triple rooms shared with other girls.  

    1. Are pillows, sheets and towels provided?

    Pillows, sheets and towels are included with the rooms. We advise you to bring your own towel to take to the beach.

    1. Do the children have internet access so they can e-mail their parents?

    Yes, the residence has free WI-FI for all residents.

    1. What is the food like at the residence?

    The meals are varied and healthy. There is always a choice between two starters and two main dishes (except for picnics on excursions). We can cater for special dietary requirements provided you send us an e-mail with details as soon as possible to with the subject SPECIAL DIET + NAME OF PARTICIPANT

    1. Where can the participants leave their valuables?

    We advise you not to bring valuable items.

    1. Can parents visit their children during the camp?

    No, only if they inform us beforehand and only in specific circumstances.

Payment method and cancellation policy

    1. How do I pay for the camp?

    You may pay in instalments of 50% until March 13 (payment of the remaining 50% of the fee must be paid by April 1). From March 14 payment must be in a single instalment.

    Single payment of full amount.

    1. What is the deadline for inscriptions?

    June 16 or until all places are taken.

    1. What is the payment method?

    Payment must be made on completion of inscription, via VISA, VISA Electron or Master Card.

    1. Are there any discounts?

    Check the section of packs and promotions

    Discounts are not cumulative.

    1. Can I cancel the inscription?

    Yes, if you cancel the enrolment within 14 days of the registrations be available you will receive a full 100% refund. After this date, no amount will be refunded unless the cancellation insurance has been taken out and/or the cancellation is due to force majeure.

    1. Is there cancellation insurance? 

    Yes, there is an optional cancellation insurance of €125 which you may select when enrolling. This insurance guarantees the full refund of the payment up until 15 April 2024 (except the insurance premium on all refunds). If the cancellation occurs between 16 April and 31 May 2024, 75% of the amount will be refunded and if between 1 and 15 June 2024 only 50% will be refunded.

    After 16 June, there will be no refund, except on the grounds of duly demonstrable force majeure.


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