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What is BARÇA Academy PRO Miami?

BARÇA Academy PRO Miami is FC Barcelona’s fully owned and operated academy in Miami, Florida. We provide players the opportunity to learn and develop through BARÇA’s methodology and values.

When does the program start?

The program starts mid-August and finishes around mid-June. Exact dates and schedule are given upon player acceptance, after tryouts.

How can I join the program?

All players need to tryout in order to have the chance to be part of BARÇA Academy PRO Miami.

How are the teams formed?

Teams are formed by level and age, after tryout.

Do you offer accommodation?

BARÇA Academy PRO Miami does not offer accommodation at this point.

Will the players have the chance to train in Barcelona?

Players from BARÇA Academy PRO Miami are selected every year to train at the FC Barcelona HQ and be part of BARÇA Academy’s exclusive tournaments.

Who are the coaches?

Official FC Barcelona coaches moved to Miami exclusively to manage and conduct BARÇA Academy PRO Miami. FC Barcelona Local Project Director and Coordinators are supported by local licensed and trained staff.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program depends on the team, as each one has its own specific plan. Upon acceptance you will receive the program detailed information along with costs.

Do you offer any payment plans?

BARÇA Academy PRO Miami offers flexible payment plans. Families can either pay in full (with a 10% discount) or pay in eight installments.

Are there any discounts available?

BARÇA Academy PRO Miami offers several discounts:

  • 10% discount to families that pay the program in full
  • 10% discount for every additional sibling registered
  • Other type of scholarship and financial aid discounts are available

What is the insurance policy?

A licensed athletic trainer will be taking care of the participants during the FC Barcelona training program in case of injury or damage. All participants must have their own medical coverage. The FC Barcelona training program provides only excess coverage (does not cover deductibles) after your insurance policy has been utilized. Parents are responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment, except for that covered by the program’s excess medical coverage policy.

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Are parents allowed to watch the camp?

All parents will be allowed to watch the activities from outside of the field. Those parents in attendance MUST wear face masks and respect social distancing guidelines.

When should players arrive to the field?

All players should arrive 15 minutes before the start time.

What do players need to bring to the camp?

    • Turf shoes or soccer cleats
    • Purchased Official FC Barcelona Academy PRO Uniform.
    • Shin-guards
    • Water bottle (Sharing is strictly forbidden)


How do players get the FCB Camp Uniform?

Each participant will need to purchase the full FC Barcelona Soccer Camp training kit that includes a Nike jersey, one pair of Nike shorts, and one pair of Nike socks directly from After registration, you will receive an email informing about the uniform purchase process, which will occur on’s website and will be shipped to your house.

Can players order extra uniform?

Yes! During purchase of your training Kit at our Player Pass Store, you will be given the option to add extra uniforms to your order as well as optional gear (rain jacket & backpack).

How are the groups formed?

The groups will be divided by age and level with a max of 12 players per group. On the first day of the camp players will be separated into their age groups. The FC Barcelona Coaches will evaluate the players during the first sessions to finalize the groups. Players can be switched from one group to another during the camp, always seeking for the best environment for him/her to improve.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Our online payment system accepts Visa, Mastercard Discovery and ACH Bank Account

What is the refund policy?

All fees are 75% refunded if the request is made via e-mail sent to (with confirmation of receipt) within 60 days of the start of the camp. There will be no refunds after the camp has started. No refunds are made when a request is made with less than 60 days remaining to the start of the camp regardless of when payment is made.

What if a camp is cancelled for any reason?

The FC Barcelona Camps are subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time for any reason, including if the number of participants signed is insufficient to develop the camp. Full refunds are issued within 30 days of cancellation or participants can choose to attend any other FC Barcelona Camps based on availability. If the camp is cancelled, our liability is limited to a full refund of the price and we will not be liable for any other costs, damages, or refunds of any kind for any loss, delay, inconvenience, disappointment, or expense whatsoever in such circumstances. No refunds will be given if a camp in progress has to be interrupted or cancelled for reasons beyond our control, such as, for example, inclement weather.

What to do in case of inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather once camp begins, all campers will be asked to leave the field to the designated shelter area. If weather conditions prevent the camp to run for the entire day and the camp is cancelled, you will be asked to pick up the player. We do not have indoor facilities to house players for the rest of the day.

What is the insurance policy?

All players must have their own medical coverage. The Barça Academy Pro MIA provides only excess coverage (does not cover deductibles) after your insurance policy has been utilized. Parents are responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment, except for that covered by the camp’s excess medical coverage policy.

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