This section contains information of relevance and frequently asked questions by parents before registering their children for BARÇA Escola.

BARÇA Escola Barcelona welcomes registrations of both boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years.

BARÇA Escola is located at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper training facility in Sant Joan Despí. The site is the heart of FC Barcelona, where the youth teams, women’s teams, Barça B and the senior men’s team train.

This season, with the creation of the new Espai Barça, we shall have the opportunity to use the site, sharing it with other teams and sections.


Given the situation caused by the coronavirus transmission, and with the aim of preserving the protection and integrity of the players, families and employees, at BARÇA Escola we have assumed the indications and the preventive recommendations of the competent health authorities.

For this reason, we will not be able to take the BARÇA Escola tryouts on the dates that were scheduled.

When circumstances allow, we will announce the new dates to carry out the tryouts to be part of the BARÇA Escola next season.



  1. Who are the staff and management of Barça Escola?
    The staff consists of a director, three coordinators (one per stage), the coaches and assistants.
  2. I am not sure about my child’s team. Should I speak to the coach?
    No, whenever you have any questions, you should contact the stage coordinator.

Methods at Barça Escola

  1. Can my child combine Barça Escola with another club?
    Yes, although Barça Escola should always be the priority. During the season, there are justified and non-justified absences. In the case of a third unjustified absence, that family will lose its places.
  2. What is included in Barça Escola?
    The service includes all weekly training sessions and a game on Sunday afternoon. During the season there are also some tournaments and games depending on availability.
  3. Are showers compulsory?
    Yes. All players that train at Barça Escola must shower afterwards. In the case of any special requirements, please advise beforehand.
  4. How are the teams decided? And the coaches?
    Teams are organised by ages (pre-U10, U10 and U12). BARÇA Escola will look to improve both individual and team performance. We therefore try to make the teams as competitive as possible. Every team will have its own head coach.
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