BBLL Guess the Score 17 - Real Sociedad



(2019/2020 sports season)





FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA, with official address at Carrer Arístides Maillol, s/n, 08028 of Barcelona, ​​and Spanish Tax Indentification Code (CIF) G-8.266.298 (hereinafter FC BARCELONA or CLUB) is running an action called Guess the Score (hereinafter, "Guess the Score" or the "Action"), addressed exclusively to all those who: (i) are subscribed as Barça Fans, or else those who complete the subscription process for such effects; (ii) participate in the game called "Guess the Score" in accordance with the terms and conditions established herein.


The system for participation and operation of the said Action will be announced and promoted, among other communication assets belonging to FC BARCELONA, on its official website (, on its social networks and payment channels belonging to third parties.


FC BARCELONA will run the Guess The Score game, which will be linked to the match on the opening day of the Liga Santander National Championship that will be played by Real Sociedad and FC Barcelona on December 14, 2019 (hereinafter, the "match").


Guess The Score will be made available to the interested parties via the website and FC BARCELONA's official applications, and will be duly identified and linked to the Match. Participation in Guess The Score shall be free of charge. FC BARCELONA reserves the right to cancel the draws for technical and/or operational reasons.


Once the game has been played there shall be two (2) draws:


  • a draw between all Barça Fans who have participated in Guess The Score (regardless of whether they successfully predicted the result of the match);
  • another draw only among the Barça Fans who in addition to having participated in the Guess The Score game also got the result of the match right.


The winners of the aforementioned draws will respectively receive the prize described in Rule 6.


In relation to the points previously stated, in the case of minor participants, their participation in each and all of the corresponding phases described in these Rules (acceptance of the Rules, participation requirements, operations of the action, acceptance of the prize, etc.) must be supervised always and in all cases by the person exercising their representation rights as a legal guardian (father, mother, legal guardian, etc.). As such, in accordance to the previously stated, FC BARCELONA understands that the consent and corresponding authorizations that are compulsory and must follow (acceptance of the rules, acceptance of the prize, participation requirements, image rights, acquisition and processing of personal data, litigation, etc.) shall be considered as accepted to all ends and without reservations by the people exercising their representation, protection and legal guardianship in their name and FC BARCELONA shall not be held liable with regards to this.




The period for participation in Guess The Score will be determined at the sole and exclusive criterion of FC BARCELONA, which shall inform the interested parties thereof in good time on the basis on the date and time of the match.


These rules will be published on the official CLUB website ( with the aim of letting all participants know about the method for participation and how the action works.




  1. a) DATA PROCESSOR: Your personal details shall be processed by FC Barcelona, located in Barcelona, at Arístides Maillol s/n, 08028, Barcelona and with Spanish Tax Identification Number (NIF) G-08266298.


  1. b) PURPOSES: Your data shall be processed for purposes of managing your participation in the Guess The Score and the corresponding draw(s), as well as to proceed, in the event that the participant turns out to be a winner, with presentation of the prize and publication of their details (first and last name) on the official CLUB channels. Likewise, their data will be process their registration as a Barça Fan.


  1. c) COMMUNICATION OF DATA: Your data shall not be transferred, sold, rented or made available in any other way to any third party, except to those which supply services to FC Barcelona, which perform certain activities for the Club, but that in no case shall process the data for their own purposes. Some of these suppliers may be located outside of the European Union, as indicated in section 5 below.


If you wish to receive information from third parties, such as the FC Barcelona Foundation or its partners or sponsors, this information will always be sent by FC Barcelona, and we shall not provide them with any data, unless you have given us your express consent to do so.


  1. d) AUTOMATED DECISIONS AND CREATION OF PROFILES: For some services, we may process your personal data using automated methods. This means that certain decisions are made automatically without human intervention. For example, we may segment you depending on whether you have any interest in certain sports sections of FC BARCELONA, or use our services, such as free Wi-Fi on our premises.

We may also create a profile by analysing your behaviour on the web, showing you products that may be of interest to you, based on the preferences you have shown through your browsing, or information obtained through cookies.

In addition, if you have agreed to receive commercial communications, these may be adapted and customized according to the interests of the users, either based on the products and services requested, or based on the data that we can deduct or obtain from your browsing, interest in certain contents or reaction to our communications, among others.

This personalization is conducted in a partially automated manner, in the sense that the Club determines the parameters of the personalization, but it is the technological platform that generates the user’s profile. We do not send general communications that are not segmented by the previous procedure, since we consider it to be in the interest of both the Club and the users of the Barça Fans program for the information that is sent or received to be relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of communications received by the Barça Fans program, but only the content of these. In this regard, if any user of the Barça Fans program does not wish to be segmented, we ask them to refrain from subscribing to the Barça Fans program’s communications.


  1. e) INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS: FC Barcelona, as an international organisation, has international suppliers that may provide their services from outside the EU, so it is possible for users’ data to be processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (for example, the supplier of newsletter delivery, data storage, management of requests for information or member services, etc.).

In any case, the Club will ensure that this data processing is always protected with the appropriate guarantees, which may include:


  • Standard EU approved clauses: These are contracts approved by the European regulator, and which provide sufficient guarantees to ensure that the processing complies with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.


  • Third party certifications: For example, Privacy Shield, the framework agreement between the EU and the United States that establishes a standardized framework for data processing according to the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.


  1. f) DURATION OF THE PROCESSING: All of the data that you provide to subscribe as a Barça Fan will be processed until the Club considers that, by any means available according to the technology available at any time, you are no longer interested in its products. In any case, you may unsubscribe as a Barça Fan at any time.


All of the data that you provide during your participation in the Guess the Score action will be processed for the time required to complete the action.


After the term indicated in the first paragraph of this section, FC Barcelona shall withhold your duly anonymized data for statistical purposes or market analysis, whenever possible, or duly blocked to comply with any legal obligation of the Club.


  1. g) EXERCISE OF YOUR RIGHTS: At any time, you may revoke your consent to any of the uses of data indicated above.


Likewise, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation or portability through written communication addressed to Avda. Aristides Maillol, S/N, 08028, Barcelona (Spain), with the reference “Personal Data”, or by email to


If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, or about any other issue related to the matter, you may contact our Data Protection Delegate at Avda. Aristides Maillol, S/N, 08028, Barcelona (Spain), with the reference or for the attention of the “Delegado de Protección de Datos”, or by email to the address


Additionally, you may file a claim to the competent Governing Authority if you consider FC Barcelona to have processed your data in breach of this Privacy Policy or any other applicable regulations.




All those interested in participating in Guess The Score must meet the requirements set forth below:


  1. Log in as Barça Fan. If the interested party is not a Barça Fan, they must obtain this status by means of the registration process enabled for this purpose.
  2. Complete the Guess The Score game by predicting the result of the game.




After the Match, two draws will be made: (i) a draw between all the Barça Fans that have participated in the Guess The Score game (regardless of whether they successfully predicted the result of the match or not); and (ii) another draw only between the Barça Fans who, in addition to the foregoing, also predicted the correct result of the match. For these purposes, two (2) files will be created with the details of all participants that meet these requirements.


In the event that there are no Barça Fans that meet the aforementioned conditions, it will not be necessary to hold the draw and the prizes will be automatically left unclaimed. In the event that there is only one (1) Barça Fan that meets the respective requirements, a draw shall not be necessary either, as this person shall automatically be deemed the winner. Therefore, this person will be awarded the prize directly, without the need for a draw.


Each of the Barça Fans included in both files will be assigned a sequential number according to the chronological order of entry, in order to have a consecutive range of numbers (e.g. from 1 to 50).


The draws will be run by means of a computer system that produces a random combination to randomly select four (4) sequential numbers from those assigned to the participants. The first (1) shall be granted the status of "winner", and the remaining three (3) shall be "reserves", with the order of priority established according to the order in which they registered.


Once the draws have been held, the Notary shall close the record by noting the identities of the participants that have won (one for each draw), as well as those of the reserves.


The results of the draws shall be reported to the winners by means of contact by electronic mail to the address provided for this purpose when entering the competition, as well as the information related to the logistics of delivery and collection of the prize.


With their participation in the present action, the participants of legal age and, in the case of minors, their parents or their legal representatives of legal age who have or are assigned the legal guardianship of them, EXPRESSLY ACCEPT (i) the present rules and, (ii) that in the event that he/she is winner of the action, he/she will receive an email sent by FC BARCELONA to the email address provided by them for the purpose of participating, which will serve as a means of proof, to all effects, of the communication made by FC BARCELONA, informing about said condition. This contact will take place during the week after the draw. If it is not possible to contact the winning participant within 24 hours (24 hours), from the moment of the first communication, for any reason or circumstance outside the CLUB’ control, the winner will lose their right to the prize, with it being awarded to the first reserve and so on.


The participant who wins the prize must accept it, or in the case of minors, their parents or legal representatives of legal age who hold their legal representation and who must declare their acceptance or waiver of the prize. In the first case, the instructions provided by the CLUB with regard to the delivery logistics and, where appropriate, the collection of the prize should be strictly followed.




The winner of each of the two (2) draws held, if required, after the Match will obtain as a prize:


  • Winner of the draw held between all the Barça Fans who participated in the Guess The Score game (regardless of whether they successfully predicted the result of the Match): One (1) FC BARCELONA soccer ball.
  • Winner of the draw held between all the Barça Fans who, in addition to the foregoing, also predicted the correct result of the Match: one (1) official FC BARCELONA football first team shirt (without printed number or name). The shirt will be of the same model (first, second or third kit) as that which FC BARCELONA wore in the Match.


Once the prize has been sent or delivered to the corresponding winner, it may not be exchanged.




The winner (and in the case of minors, their legal representatives), having been informed of their status as a winner, must give an express response by e-mail, prior to delivery and, where appropriate, receipt of the prize in question, indicating (i) their acceptance or (ii) their waiving of the prize awarded to them, so that:


  1. In case of acceptance, the prize can be delivered under the conditions that the CLUB will indicate to the winning participant, signing a document that will contain the express acceptance of the prize that corresponds to them and the reception thereof with conformance, declaring not to have anything to claim or demand from FC BARCELONA.


If the winner is a minor, their legal representatives must accept the prize on their behalf, subject to the terms and conditions detailed in the previous paragraph.


  1. In the case of waiving or non-acceptance of the prize, this must be stated in writing. If the winning participant is a minor, waiver or non-acceptance of the prize, as appropriate, must be issued by their legal representatives on their behalf, under the terms set forth above. In this case, the CLUB will state that the aforementioned prize cannot be exchanged for another or for its cash value, with the first participant in the list of reserves automatically becoming the winner, granting them the aforementioned prize, following the same procedure, and so on.




Winners under the terms set forth in these regulations and, in the case that he/she is a minor, his/her legal representatives give their express consent to FC BARCELONA, under their absolute responsibility and for all purposes, to take their image (including their image, name and voice) through photographs and/or audio-visual recordings that may be made, individually or jointly through CLUB staff, or by third parties authorized by these entities, at the time of delivery of said prize and/or its celebration, for advertising purposes, as well as the participation in possible interviews and/or reports that may be made; For such purposes, FC BARCELONA will be authorized to make use, indefinitely and in any part of the world, of the aforementioned graphic and/or audio-visual material, and copies thereof, in whole or in part, for promotional events and/or information relating to this promotion, or others, in any of the communication assets of FC BARCELONA, either directly or through third parties to those who authorize or entrust their realization, the winning participant waiving any compensation and/or claim under any circumstance, for the taking of said photographic images and/or audio-visual recordings, their conservation and the transfer of their exploitation rights. According to the above, the mediums, advertising and promotional assets, current and/or future, in which the image of the winning participant may appear (either individually or collectively), are and will be owned by FC BARCELONA.


All participants state that they hold all the rights and legitimations necessary to grant these assignments and authorizations and will respond to any claim by third parties that FC BARCELONA may receive regarding the use of the image here authorized.




The rules of this action will be registered with a Notary Public of the Illustrious College of Notaries of Catalonia.




Participation in this action implies express and unreserved acceptance of:


  1. the present rules.
  2. the mechanics of participation and of the draw.
  3. the use and processing of personal data of the participants under the terms established in these rules.
  4. sending electronic communications for commercial purposes, provided that the participant has given their express consent to such effects.
  5. the use, diffusion and publication of the photographs and/or audio-visual recordings under the terms established in these rules.


In case of divergence regarding the action and/or on the interpretation of these rules, competence to hear disputes that may arise will belong to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, so that participants in this action expressly waive their right to any other jurisdiction that may apply.


In the case of minors who participate in the action, they will always do so with the consent of their parents and/or a person of legal age who holds guard and custody over them.




Communications regarding the activity and the draw, if applicable, as well as the process thereof, will be described in FC BARCELONA media, as for example the official CLUB website (, where these guidelines will also be published.



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